Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the never ending laundry saga


Do you ever feel like your laundry just..never ends?? I've got laundry from a family of 5, diapers, and now extra laundry from a 2.5 year old who is regressing in potty training, after being fully trained before Christmas. *sigh* It just never ends, as I sit here typing I'm surrounded by 5 piles of laundry [I fold in piles of owners] and I still have half a basket full sitting beside me. I have to wash diapers at some point...I should essentially put them in tonight before I go to bed because they take a while, on hot setting and with 'smart meters' it costs more to wash them during the day- uurg. This is a venting post, if you hadn't noticed already ;-) Who created this smart meter anyway?! People who work out of the home aren't affected, because well...they aren't home to do laundry anyway. But before the smart meters came into play, daytime was my prime time to get laundry done- because the kids were up and I could put the laundry away just as fast as I folded it. With the new smart meters, you can't use the dryer [ or heat ...I don't know?] until 9pm!! That means I either can only do laundry on weekends [it's cheap all weekend , no matter the time of day] or I have to wait until 9pm to get it done which means I'm not folding until 11pm , but I'd rather wait and fold next day but because of the amount of kids running around and "helping" I can't fold until they're in bed anyway. *big sigh*

Anyway.... do you ever wish you could get a little laundry fairy come in and magically all your laundry was done and put away without you even getting off the couch? If you have one ...please send them my way, I will be forever in debted to you !

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eye catching

(Deanna) Well it has been a rough few months but I am back, back into the swing of things, back to creating out website.  Though things have moved slow we are well on our way to finishing the sight.  Once this portion is done we will be ready to promote,promote........
Let us know some of your ideas that would catch your eye or get you interested in our site and our products.