Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting ready for Showcase

( Emily) We are getting ready for our showcase coming up November 23rd, at Baby in Gear in Aurora! Getting ready!! It's like Christmas when we get a shipment in, so fun!!

Check out what my room table looks like today!

mmmmm....TLT - YUM!

We have a WINNER!!

Congratulations : Stephanye Beling ! You have won a great sample pack of The Laundry Tarts, from Maple Bottoms Boutique!

For those wondering- here is what she submitted:

#1: What is the brand name of the All-in-One diapers that we carry? also go like their page and tell them we sent you [on fb]  Was already a fan but said hello from you
      Monkey Doodlez
#2: Name one of the new products coming in
       Rental Packages
#3: Out of the companies we carry, which are Canadian ?
#4: How many brands do we carry?
#5: What does TLT stand for? [also go like their page and tell them we sent you ]  Was already a fan but said hello from you   

      The Laundry Tarts

Please email us your shipping details and we'll get that out to you a.s.a.p.

Happy Halloween everyone and thanks for playing!! Stay tuned for our next giveaway when we hit 200 fans- you won't want to miss this one!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

TLT Scavenger Hunt !

Ok Maple Bottoms fans! Here it is- our first online scavenger hunt. The winner of this scavenger hunt gets to try out some great TLT products , so try your best!

Rules: open to Canadian residents only. Please answer the questions in an email and send to . You must answer all of the questions and follow ALL the steps to be considered for the prize. Contest will close Sunday, Oct 30th at midnight est. Winner will be notified via Email, and is responsible for the shipping charges for their prize.

for those who don't already know- our website address is

Have fun!!


#1: What is the brand name of the All-in-One diapers that we carry? also go like their page and tell them we sent you [on fb]

#2: Name one of the new products coming in

#3: Out of the companies we carry, which are Canadian ?

#4: How many brands do we carry?

#5: What does TLT stand for? [also go like their page and tell them we sent you ]

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maple Bottoms Presents our very own showcase

(Deanna) WOW!!! yes you heard it right we are hosting a showcase evening this coming November.  On the 23 of November we will be showcasing all our products that are currently featured at  Just setting up and placing orders from our suppliers makes me want to by more diapers for my 18 month old.   There is just so much out there.  To think a year ago I was one of those moms that thought that cloth diapering was all about pins and folding etc.  And now I just can not get enough of it.

All the questions that I had I now have the answers to and I often start thinking of ways to help my friends get over this notion that the cloth diapering world is not for them.  I have learned a lot and honestly you never do stop learning.

So if you are the past me and are sitting there say to yourself "No cloth diapering is not for me" come out on November 23.  Emily and I will walk you through it and show you the way.

Its easy I did it!!!!!

For more details about the showcase email us at

Showcase details : Baby in Gear Aurora, Ont 7-9pm November 23 2011


446 Hollandview Trail
Aurora, ON L4G 7Z9
(905) 841-2223

Peekaboo Trip to Tanzania

(Deanna)  Well fellow bloggers its been a while and wow Maple Bottoms is getting its name out there.  We have now been approached by such a great charity group.  10 Volunteers from Peekaboo daycare centres will be heading down to Tanzania to support two incredible charities:

Faraja Young Women Development unit ( and the other is The Nkoaranga Orphanage Centre (

They are in need of cloth diapers, shoes, hygiene product, bib, undershirts, toys, puzzles etc.  We are now collecting items until Oct 31st.  So far we have had a great response and what stated out as a small donation from Maple Bottoms seems to have grown just in the last few hours.

So we are calling on all our fans that are local, please help us with this great cause.

We will post picks of our donations :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Fun!!!!!

(Deanna) Have you heard Monkey Doodlez came out with a snap swimmer.  Yes you heard it right a swimmer that you can just snap and go.
Approx. a month ago I took my family to Great Wolf Lodge and let me tell you it was "Great" my littlest one had just turned one and for fathers day/birthday we decided to make our frist real treck and stay in a hotel.  I packed up all our stuff that I thought we would need for the one night and my 2 cloth swimmers and let me tell you it was so nice not to have to go and by a full package of swimmers.  Wet bag in hand we set off for the night.
As soon as we arrived and checked in we set off for the water park.  4 hours later my fiance discovered that the litle guy had, had an accident in his swimmer all worried he rushed out of the pool and right into the washroom for the change he emerged with a smile on his face both baby and daddy and proclaimed that "these cloth swimmers do indeed hold everything and I mean everything in" see our son had been sick for the last few days and was still getting over his flu but was still having the large and messy poops.  It was quite exciting not to say I doughted our supplier but you had to see it to believe it. :)
Bring a parent and a cloth enthusiast this was a very happy time for us that our baby stayed in the pool and it did'nt need to be evacuated right away because of a leak.
So I urge all that are interested and maybe a bit curious go check them out at our online store at
If you would like to learn more we now feature an in home tutorial/diaper parties (locally) on Cloth Diapering so gather all new moms and current moms and email us at to get more detailes.

Have a great summer everyone!!!!!

Sling in to Summer Give Away

Drum Roll Please!!!!! And the winner of our Maple Bottoms " Sling Into Summer Give Away" is Melanie Thomson.  Thank you to all those who entered we truley appreciate all the support.  Stay tunned this summer for much much more from your favorite cloth diaper store.
We now feature products from Cotton babies like BG 4.0 and Flip system as well as wipe cubes from Monkey Doodlez and Wee Essentials check out our website at for a list of other products.