Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roll baby roll

(Deanna) well for my first blog ever I decided to share my experience with the first time my 3 month old decided yesterday was going to be the first time he rolled onto his back.
Being a second time mom I always thought for some reason I might not get so excited when the second child does something for the first time. I was so wrong! It was like being a new mom again when my little guy rolled over! It was so amazing there were happy screams that came from his dad and I. I guess it's because this is my fiances first child that made it so exciting. I found myself calling everyone I knew as well as posting it on facebook ( this is something that I expected his dad to do.)
I am very excited for what is to come with our new addition stay tuned for more to come.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Deanna!

(Emily) So I've given Deanna homework today, she HAS to post on the blog ...every other day. I'm putting this on here, because then everyone knows- so you can't NOT post D! haha.

So...lets welcome Deanna to the blogosphere, it can be a scary world if you've never been here before!

Cloth Mamaz in the news ....

That's right! Lets celebrate our natural roots! Check out Emily , with Bravado Designs!

Cupcake Overload

(Emily)  Here is one of my cloth baby bums, on a bit of a sugar high... and a really bad haircut. My mother decided it was ok to cut my daughter's bangs- which I've been growing for MONTHS. Luckily I suppose...my 4yr old decided to cut the rest of my daughter's hair last week, so now she's got an adorable bob that is actually even and looking nice! When I see this pic....yikes! I can REALLY see the hack job my mum did!!

a Somelier of Sprinkles...

Monday, August 30, 2010

(Emily) where's the frost?

No....seriously people...where is the frost?! I have enjoyed summer, for the most part- the disgusting heat, too high humidity and nasty bees/wasps...I have not enjoyed, but all the summer fun we've had as a family I've loved so much! But now it's ragweed season...which for some- means nothing. For me...it means runny nose, itchy skin, itchy red swollen eyes and all around discomfort. YUCK. no amount of allergy meds are helping, I'm using eye drops like they're just straight water, and I'm still suffering- but not in silence! So fall- anytime you want to grace us with your presence..I will welcome you with open arms!
On a happy note- I saw some maple trees turning red the other day!!! Fall is definitely on it's way, it's my absolute favourite time of year!

Thankfully the kids allergies haven't been acting up too badly, just their larger than life attitudes ;-)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mum Down!

I'm sure you've heard the term " Man down!" ...well it's just not suiting for us here. The other day, I woke up with such pain in my shoulder , I was in tears trying not to wake the family. Stretching only made it worse, and Tylenol didn't do anything. OUCH! I had to drive the kids to an indoor playground thing, and I had to shift [I drive an automatic] from Park-Drive with my left hand, because it just hurt too much with my right. I did what any busy mum of 3 would do....I tried to forget about it. I pretended it didn't exist, all day- and I did a fairly good job at it until I was preparing dinner, and reached into the cupboard with my right hand, forgetting....OUCH! Almost dropped the pot onto my (bare) foot.
I went to sleep that night, trying to forget again, and that didn't happen. I managed to get to sleep, but over compensated- so woke up with a pain in the shoulder, and a stiff back. Long story short-
I went to an RMT (lucky to get in on a Friday night!) and she started feeling around my back, shoulders, neck. (rmt)" Wow! What did you say you did as a job?"     ... (me) uhm, I have 3 kids ages 4yrs and under...so..that? So I've messed up my rotator cuff, somehow- maybe by slinging my 2yr old over that shoulder (in my Hot Slings), with diaper bag, purse, and extra clothes bag slung over the other arm, and the carseat with our youngest still in it, in the other hand.
Oh the joys of being a supermum! So she advised me to take the weekend off...sit back, relax and let hubby manage the children, fold the laundry, and pick up anything heavy that needs to be picked up. Sounds like a perscription for a little slice of heaven. I'm sitting here now, with Manning [my 9month old] munching on a natural teething biscuit (he has milk and soy protein induced colitis, hyper active metabolic rate, AND gerd...) and I'm blogging...because I cannot sit and do nothing, ever. I still haven't been able to come up with a clever name for our boutique, that hasn't already been taken already. Deanna - maybe you've got better luck than me!