Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Fun!!!!!

(Deanna) Have you heard Monkey Doodlez came out with a snap swimmer.  Yes you heard it right a swimmer that you can just snap and go.
Approx. a month ago I took my family to Great Wolf Lodge and let me tell you it was "Great" my littlest one had just turned one and for fathers day/birthday we decided to make our frist real treck and stay in a hotel.  I packed up all our stuff that I thought we would need for the one night and my 2 cloth swimmers and let me tell you it was so nice not to have to go and by a full package of swimmers.  Wet bag in hand we set off for the night.
As soon as we arrived and checked in we set off for the water park.  4 hours later my fiance discovered that the litle guy had, had an accident in his swimmer all worried he rushed out of the pool and right into the washroom for the change he emerged with a smile on his face both baby and daddy and proclaimed that "these cloth swimmers do indeed hold everything and I mean everything in" see our son had been sick for the last few days and was still getting over his flu but was still having the large and messy poops.  It was quite exciting not to say I doughted our supplier but you had to see it to believe it. :)
Bring a parent and a cloth enthusiast this was a very happy time for us that our baby stayed in the pool and it did'nt need to be evacuated right away because of a leak.
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Have a great summer everyone!!!!!

Sling in to Summer Give Away

Drum Roll Please!!!!! And the winner of our Maple Bottoms " Sling Into Summer Give Away" is Melanie Thomson.  Thank you to all those who entered we truley appreciate all the support.  Stay tunned this summer for much much more from your favorite cloth diaper store.
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