Thursday, October 27, 2011

TLT Scavenger Hunt !

Ok Maple Bottoms fans! Here it is- our first online scavenger hunt. The winner of this scavenger hunt gets to try out some great TLT products , so try your best!

Rules: open to Canadian residents only. Please answer the questions in an email and send to . You must answer all of the questions and follow ALL the steps to be considered for the prize. Contest will close Sunday, Oct 30th at midnight est. Winner will be notified via Email, and is responsible for the shipping charges for their prize.

for those who don't already know- our website address is

Have fun!!


#1: What is the brand name of the All-in-One diapers that we carry? also go like their page and tell them we sent you [on fb]

#2: Name one of the new products coming in

#3: Out of the companies we carry, which are Canadian ?

#4: How many brands do we carry?

#5: What does TLT stand for? [also go like their page and tell them we sent you ]

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