Saturday, November 27, 2010 3am

(Emily) So here I am, baking delicious ginger cookies [like the  Giant ones from  Starbucks...yummm] for Manning's birthday party / Christmas Party we're having tomorrow. I fell asleep with the kids tonight for a good 3hr nap, so I figure I'll finish the baking I need to do tonight, so that tomorrow I can focus on more important things- like savory recipes and getting my tables organized for when guests arrive. I'm starting to wonder if I really am insane with all that I am doing. [oh...and it's 4am over here] My throat is a bit sore though- so I was thinking I should get this all done now, before I feel like total garbage {which I'm really praying I don't!!!}

I will have to take some photos of all that I've baked to post here soon. I haven't uploaded pics in a while!

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