Thursday, November 4, 2010

We are almost there....

(Deanna) Well we are almost there the launching of our website the excitment is building and we are getting everything in place so far we will be finilizing out logo hopefully this week.  Once this is done we will sit down with the designer and start getting our site ready.  There is just so much to so I never thought that this process would be so long I always pictured this process being easy but I was wrong.  We have to think of ideas and approve the logo, come up with a marketing place for one of the biggest suppliers, find boxs, find a company to ship our murchandise etc.......
I will be honest I have had my doughts not that me and Emily couldnt do it, but more could we be better then our compation, after looking at what might be our compatition it made me realize how much there is still to do on top of our regular days of kids, laundry,cooking and sleeping(haha).
I guess I am just excited I can't wait till everything falls into place.  Stay tuned for more updates not that the wheeels are turning.

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