Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pixie Glitz tutus

(Emily) Have ya heard of them?? Well they are absolutely AMAZING. One of my best childhood friends decided back in the fall to make a tutu for her daughter...and now has a business because they're THAT perfect ! I am thinking, we have to get some more followers so Maple Bottoms can have a giveaway all our own, featuring the beautiful tutus of Pixie Glitz designs! Pixie Glitz is located in Windsor, Ontario and are all hand-crafted during nap time [she's got 2 little ones under the age of 3!] and Somer-Lee [the designer/creator/owner] will even make the most perfect custom designed tutu for whatever occasion it is you've got coming up. But really...why do you need a special occasion to wear a tutu? Madison [my 2yr old] finds an occasion, every single day to wear a tutu... and pearls. Because hey...why not?!

[this is one of Madison's ridiculously fat baby dolls.. I've never had a baby with that many rolls- but I know they exist ;-) ]


  1. Cute Tutu - if only I had girls :). Nice blog come check mine out too.

  2. I love this! Congrats!! Great idea, and I love the tutus.. I can't stop seeing Vee in one. I will for sure add you guys to my blogroll at xo Kat