Saturday, January 29, 2011

why cloth diaper?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the benefits of cloth diapering, vs. disposable? Well- the big no cost. Cloth diapering may seem to be expensive, when you start looking at the diapers, the styles, the laundering, etc- but you make that initial investment on your diapers [about $200-$300 depending on what you're getting] and the diapers last for YEARS. So, your little one potty trains typically around 2.5yrs-3yrs but some are in diapers longer than that. Cloth diapered babies potty train sooner than disposable diapered babies simply because you can adjust the amount of padding [absorption] in your cloth diapers, so that they start to feel wet- instead of wicking away all that wetness. My daughter was completely trained a month after her 2nd birthday. My son, who was in disposables wasn't trained until after his 3rd birthday!

Secondly- if you have a little one with sensitive skin, or is prone to rashes- cloth diapers are fantastic as they allow their skin to breath [they're not wrapped in plastic..] A lot of kids have allergies to whatever chemicals are in disposable diapers [those beads that absorb their urine...that's scientifically made- do you know what it is? Because I sure don't] Cloth diapers also encourage you to change your baby's bum a little more often than a disposable- which also helps with rash prevention and healing.

thirdly- before I switched to cloth diapers [pockets] my little ones were soaking through everything, every single night. I put them in cloth- and they never leaked through again!! it was incredible. So I started saving on sheets, that extra laundry from having to wash sheets from nap time, bed time, and anytime in between where they were lying down in their diapers.

4- they're SO CUTE

5- They are so environmentally friendly as nothing has to be put in a dump , or composted for years before it gets passed back through the earth. Help your baby start their life off early, with a super tiny carbon footprint, just as their little tiny footprints truly are.

6- You can pass them on and keep on giving back to the environment!

7- the big one for me, was that I had two babies in diapers, and both in completely different sizes. [nb and size 3 at the time] so I bought one size pockets and used the exact same diapers on both babies.

Tell us your reasons for going cloth!! And if you are wondering whether you should or not- post some questions!

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