Monday, August 30, 2010

(Emily) where's the frost?

No....seriously people...where is the frost?! I have enjoyed summer, for the most part- the disgusting heat, too high humidity and nasty bees/wasps...I have not enjoyed, but all the summer fun we've had as a family I've loved so much! But now it's ragweed season...which for some- means nothing. For means runny nose, itchy skin, itchy red swollen eyes and all around discomfort. YUCK. no amount of allergy meds are helping, I'm using eye drops like they're just straight water, and I'm still suffering- but not in silence! So fall- anytime you want to grace us with your presence..I will welcome you with open arms!
On a happy note- I saw some maple trees turning red the other day!!! Fall is definitely on it's way, it's my absolute favourite time of year!

Thankfully the kids allergies haven't been acting up too badly, just their larger than life attitudes ;-)

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