Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Its finally official

(deanna) Well its finally official Emily and I are the proud owners of our business with the government of Canada. I finally hauled myself down to the big city to Revenue Canada to register our business, after weeks of trying to enroll online finally bit the bullet and called our fine government works and was told I had to go in person to register so I took their advice and woke up this morning packed my 4 month old up and his millions of things ( oh how I have forgotten how it is ti pack up for a baby) and I set off for Toronto. So I get to my destination and park well let me tell you when I say park I mean drive around
for 20 mins because for some reason every lot is full and its raining I may add, well I finally find a lot that I have no idea is how far from where I need to be. It turns out not far at all, I get to the office and am greeted by a not so nice lady who then tells me I need to go to a phone to have set up and follow the instructions so I do as I am told and get a very pleasant government work ( im not kidding he was great) so she tells me I didnt need to make this trek and that I could have phoned from home well you should have seen the look on my face :(

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